The Nada area in Hyogo Prefecture is the best sake production region in Japan. Come and acquaint yourself with the history and culture of sake, and enjoy the sake experience only in Nada.

Nada’s Breweries

Kobe Area

  • 白鶴

    Hakutsuru Sake
    Brewery Museum
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  • 神戸酒心館

    Kobe Shu-Shin-Kan
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  • 菊正宗

    Sake Brewery Museum
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Nishinomiya Area

Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum 白鶴

“Hakutsuru” – a brand name not only for sake (nihonshu) but for a wide range of other products including umeshu, liquors for cooking, wine, shochu and even cosmetic care products.

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Hamafukutsuru Ginjo Brewery 浜福鶴

Hamafukutsuru started as a brewery in the early Meiji period (around 1900). Brewery builded as a museum to display the entire sake-making process.

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Kiku-Masanume Sake Brewery Museum 菊正宗

This sake brewery museum with a long-established brand displays a large number of exhibits, most of which are designated as Important Tangible Folk Cultural Properties of Japan.

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Kobe Shu-Shin-Kan Brewery 神戸酒心館

Here at Kobe Shu-Shin-Kan, you will learn about the history of great sake Fukuju and the brewery’s insistency to produce great sake.

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Sakuramasamune Museum 櫻正宗

Founded in 1625, Sakurmasamune is a well-known sake brewery with a history of nearly 400 years.

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Sawanotsuru Museum 沢の鶴

Sawanotsuru, a long-established sake brewery celebrated its 300th anniversary last year. By continuing to use traditional sake brewing methods and fine raw materials without pursuing volume and low prices.

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Hakutaka Rokusuien 白鷹

A facility which continues to communicate ways to enjoy Japanese sake in the present day, showing how the brewery family used to live along with its sake brewing business.

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Hakushika Memorial Sake Museum 白鹿

The museum opened in 1982 celebrating the 320th anniversary of the brewery’s foundation. It comprises “Brewery Hall” which shows a reproduction of the sake brewing process and “Memorial Hall” which displays valuable information about Japanese sake.

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Nihonsakari Rengakan 日本盛

Facility directly run by the Nihonsakari sake brewery where you can enjoy the appeal of Japanese sake from many angles with the theme “Enjoy real Japanese Sake.”

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  • HS14
    Koshien 甲子園
  • HS15
    Kusugawa 久寿川
  • HS16
    Imazu 今津
  • HS17
    Nishinomiya 西宮
  • HS18
    Koroen 香櫨園
  • HS19
    Uchide 打出
  • HS20
    Ashiya 芦屋
  • HS21
    Fukae 深江
  • HS22
    Ogi 青木
  • HS23
    Uozaki 魚崎
  • HS24
    Sumiyoshi 住吉
  • HS25
    Mikage 御影
  • HS26
    Ishiyagawa 石屋川
  • HS27
    Shinzaike 新在家
  • HS28
    Oishi 大石
  • HS29
    Nishinada 西灘
  • HS30
    Iwaya 岩屋
  • HS32
    Kobe-Sannomiya 神戸三宮
  • HS33
    Motomach 元町
  • HS34
    Nishi-Motomachi 西元町
  • HS35
    Kosoku-Kobe 高速神戸

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Detailed explanations on sake including the answer to a basic question “What is Japanese sake?” as well as characteristics of sakes produced in Nada

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