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“Ko-Ticket”- A page where you can reserve tickets from overseas

- It’s a service for purchasing tickets online (desktop PCs and smartphones).
- Payments accepted by credit cards (JCB, VISA, and MasterCard) only.
- Tickets can be picked up at the stadium ticket stand (by Gate #9) by showing your QR code. To pick up your ticket, show a printout of the QR code or display it on your smartphone screen at the stand.
- In case of bad weather, the refund is processed through the credit card company so it is hassle-free.

How to Reserve Tickets Using “Ko-Ticket”

Step1.Access the “Ko-Ticket” website at the address below from your desktop PC or smartphone.

* The homepage itself will be in Japanese. Please refer to instructions below.

Step2.Click the button below on the page.

Step3.Select the desired date of the game and seat type.
Weekday prices
Saturday, Sunday, Holiday, and Giants games prices
Step4.Input the number of seats
Step5.Select payment by credit card and enter the credit card infomation.
Step6.Enter credit card information.
Step7.Purchase Complete

The purchasing is complete now.

How to Call-up your QR Code

Step1.Go to the top page of “Ko-Ticket” (refer to the address below) and click the button below.
Step2.Enter your email address and password.
Step3.Click the button below and your QR code will be displayed.
Step4.Bring your QR code to the ticket booth besides Gate #9 using the following method.

- Printout
* There is no free Wi-fi at Koshien Stadium, so printouts are recommended.
- Display on smartphone screen