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The Museum of Hanshin Koshien Stadium

Voice guidance pen

Voice guidance pen●Voice guidance pen
The museum has a voice guidance pen available for rental, which provides a spoken explanation of the exhibits.
Rules of Rental of the Museum of Hanshin Stadium Voice Pen

Visitors are required to pay a deposit of 2,000 yen to rent a voice pen.
The deposit will be reimbursed when returning the voice pen. Please fill out an application form and also present some personal identification when renting the voice pen. Please return the voice pen to the Museum of Hanshin Koshien Stadium reception counter. (Please remember to return the pen!)

How to use the voice pen
When you touch one of flag icons with the tip of the voice pen, the language switches to that indicated by the icon.
If you touch the circle, cross or triangle marks(mark), the audio guide is played by the voice pen in the language you selected.

Museum exhibits

Floor Map

High school baseball zone

The spring and summer high school baseball tournaments capture the essence of seasonal Japanese sports today.
Visitors can relive the famous memorable matches and scenes in high school baseball so far through the museum’s various exhibits, pictures and video images.

1931(17th Tournament)
The KANO (Kagi Nourin) baseball team (of the Chiayi School of Agriculture and Forestry) places second overall at Koshien.
The movie KANO, which tells the true story of the KANO (Kagi Nourin) baseball team (of the Chiayi School of Agriculture and Forestry) placing second at Koshien, will be released in Taiwan and Japan in 2015.

Hanshin Tigers zone

The museum features a wide range of exhibits on the famous players that have shaped the Hanshin Tigers baseball team from its inception to the present day.

History of Koshien/Koshien square

Numerous episodes and moments in the history of Koshien Stadium are presented in exhibits and pictures, etc.
Visitors can enjoy images and take a quiz on the Hanshin Tigers and high school baseball at the Koshien square.
There is also a draft experience corner, where visitors can see for themselves what it is like at a draft selection for professional baseball in Japan.

Koshien Bowl zone

The name Koshien Bowl has become firmly established in Japan as the game that determines the Japanese College American football championship. Visitors can also relive past tournaments through the museum’s various video images.
There are also exhibits of items from participating colleges such as American football uniforms and helmets, as well as tournament programs, etc.

Stadium tour

This tour shows you the other side of Hanshin Koshien Stadium, which you cannot see as a normal spectator. The tour guide’s explanation of various areas in Koshien Stadium will both surprise and move you.

■Tour Time : Approximately 50 minutes
■How to make a reservation

(1) Internet reservation(in Japanese): THE MUSEUM OF HANSHIN KOSHIEN STADIUM website
(2) Phone reservation(only in Japanese): 0798-44-3310
(The phone reservation hotline operates from 10:00-17:30, closed Monday)
(3) Same-day tours require prior reservation and are subject to availability.
Reservations can be made at the reception counter of THE MUSEUM OF HANSHIN KOSHIEN STADIUM.
Tour areas

Grounds (artificial grass area only), Third base bench, Third base bullpen, Third base locker room, Stands, Interview space, Royal Suite Floor.
※The tour areas included may vary according the holding of baseball games and other scheduled events. You will visit several locations from those listed above, according to the games schedule.

Third base bench Third base bullpen Stands

Opening times /Fees /Access

Opening times

(From November to February: 10:00~17:00)
※Entry permitted until 30 minutes before closing time.
※Times may vary according to scheduled events (high school baseball, etc.)


Mondays (excluding game days, public holidays)
※In addition to the above, the museum may also be closed temporarily on certain days for maintenance, etc.

Entrance fee
  Adult Child
(aged from 4 years to junior high school students)
General 600yen 300yen
Group 500yen 200yen

Map of surrounding area

Hanshin Railway Koshien Station 5minutes by foot Hanshin Koshien Stadium Next to the outside gate 16
※The entrance is located beneath the left outfield stand.

【Address】1-82 Koshien-cho, Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo-ken 〒663-8152

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