Map of Nadagogo Sawanotsuru Museum KOBE SHU-SHIN-KAN BREWERIES Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum Kikumasamune Sake Memorial Museum Sakura Masamune Memorial Museum ‐Sakuraen‐ Hamafukutsuru-Ginjo Brewery and Shop Hakushika Memorial Sake Museum Hakutaka-rokusuien
Sawanotsuru Museum <Nishi-go>
This museum introduces the history of “sake brewing in Nada”, part of the Cultural Heritage in Japan, from diverse perspectives, lavishly using precious materials. In the “Experiencing Old Breweries” section, traditional sake brewing processes are exhibited along with precious sake brewing tools in an easy-to-understand manner to convey our ancestors’ wisdom to the present time.
Access:Approx. a 10-minute walk from Hanshin Oishi Sta.
This is a complex of four sake warehouses, including breweries, and offers observation tours of actual sake brewing in winter. A Japanese-style restaurant on the premises serves sake and different types of relish in season in a sake warehouse-like atmosphere and various events, including concerts and rakugo, are held in an event hall.
Access:Approx. an 8-minute walk from Hanshin Ishiyagawa Sta.
Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum <Mikage-go>
This museum exhibits dioramas of brewery workers at work in the old sake warehouse, which was built in the beginning of the Taisho Era. Displaying sake brewing tools that were actually used at the time, the exhibition conveys the brewer’s passion for sake brewing. In a 100-seat projection hall, a film is shown introducing the history of sake brewing. An English version of this film is also available.
Access:Approx. a 5-minute walk from Hanshin Sumiyoshi Sta. (in Japanese)
Kikumasamune Sake Memorial Museum <Mikage-go>
Under the theme of “Knowing the Origin of Sake Brewing”, this museum presents the tradition of sake brewing and how to enjoy sake. “Sake Brewing Tools of Nada”, important tangible folk-cultural properties designated by the Japanese Government, and small tools are displayed here. Pillars and beams made of over 400-year old timber are used for the museum building, which convey the elegance of traditional sake warehouses to the present time.
Access:Approx. a 10-minute walk from Hanshin Uozaki Sta. (in Japanese)
Sakura Masamune Memorial Museum ‐Sakuraen‐ <Uozaki-go>
This museum shows precious video recordings of an old sake brewing process and displays sake brewing tools with over 300-year histories, as well as nostalgic signs, sake bottles and labels. A Japanese restaurant, which serves freshly brewed undiluted sake, and a tearoom are opened as an annex.
Access:Approx. a 5-minute walk from Hanshin Uozaki Sta.
Hamafukutsuru-Ginjo Brewery and Shop <Uozaki-go>
With sake brewing equipment for all seasons, this brewery offers a tour of glassed-in sections showing the entire process of traditional sake brewing. In this tour, the must-see part is “moromi-jikomi”, the process in which sake is fermented, marked by the faint popping “voice” of bubbles.
Access:Approx. a 10-minute walk from Hanshin Uozaki Sta. (in Japanese)
Hakushika Memorial Sake Museum <Nishinomiya-go>
In “Sakagura-kan (Sake Warehouse Hall)”, which was built in 1869, the museum exhibits the sake brewing process and relics of the excavated “kama-ba”, where the sake rice was washed, soaked, and drained, and “funa-ba”, where sake was filtered from the tank. In the “Memorial Hall”, calligraphy, paintings, craftwork, documents and records related to sake are displayed. The museum also hold a special exhibition in spring and autumn.
Access:Approx. a 15-minute walk from Hanshin Nishinomiya Sta.
Hakutaka-rokusuien <Nishinomiya-go>
This facility is equipped with an exhibition room that conveys the lifestyles of old sake brewers, and “hakutaka shuko-kan”, in which traditional sake brewing tools and sake cups and decanters are displayed. In the Event Hall, various events and culture lectures are held. The restaurant serves authentic Japanese cuisine along with sake.
Access:Approx. a 7-minute walk from Hanshin Nishinomiya Sta. (in Japanese)